10 ways to tickle Nonna – Long upperbody and ass tickling, food in her belly, bitting and other tortures

1. I push Nonna into the center of the room and make her sit down – now she obeys and takes her top with her teeth, exposing her plump belly. I mock it, clap and tickle.
2. Close-up. I use some items on her stomach. Nonna is still holding her top, and I use ice, which quickly melts on her belly. I tickle her sides. I poke the stomach with different objects.
3. Now I make Nonna stand up, she holds a shirt in her teeth, and her hands are tied up above. I tickle her under the bra and on the sides. Then I tie her body over the belly with ropes on top and bottom so that it sticks out a little. I begin to torment her stomach, clap on it and tickle. I take a few devices – paddle, stack, stick and Nonna’s stomach with them. Then (POV) I tickle her navel, armpits and Nonna’s waist with an electric brush.
4. Now Nonna stands with her back to me – I drop her pants from her buttocks and slap her ass until it turns red. Then I tickle her ass and her thighs with tickling. Electric brush tickles her ass.
5. I untie Nonna and drop her on a red mattress – Nonna’s hands are tied up. In this position, I Nonna’s stomach and tickle it. Next, I use different devices on her navel. Then I bite her waist and tickle her with my tongue.
6. I drink water and juice from her navel, then take sweets and eat them from Nonna’s bellybutton. She is very ticklish and I continue. I bite her belly again. (Sorry for the partial overlap of the belly during biting, it was too exciting).
7. I turn Nonna on my side and tickle her sides and stomach, clap and squeeze it. Oops – Nonna’s breasts fell out a bit, although she really didn’t want to.
8. Nonna notices that her tits are visible but I continue to tickle her. Then I move her to the bed and begin to tickle the abdomen and navel with an electric brush.
9. Now Nonna stands with her hands tied up – I stick a piece of tape over her navel and continue to her with tickling and beating her belly and apply objects on the covered navel. Next, I remove the tape and draw on her belly with a pen. I squeeze her belly and squeeze it again. Then I lubricate it with oil and tickle Nonna again.
10. I continue to Nonna’s oily belly. I add baby powder and tickle her again. Then in POV view, I squeeze her stomach and poke around her navel and examine it.

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