A villain girl – Foot hunter for Susanna’s and Alla’s feet

Susanna and Alla hang out at home, they have fun and chat. They have no idea that their acquaintance is watching them. Her name is Klavdia and she’s angry and upset, they didn’t invite her. Klavdia has a dirty wish about the girls – she wants to lick their feet…

When Alla goes to the toilet Klavdia attacks her. Alla can’t resist for long and gets dragged into the room and knocked out. Here Klavdia checks the girl’s face and eyes takes off her shoes and socks and begins to lick her feet. She turns Alla on her stomach and begins to slobber her feet and toes even more.
Susanna worries that her friend has gone for so long and goes to look for her – she knocks on the door. Klavdia was ready, she turns off the light and waits for Susanna. When she enters, Klavdia pounces on her and, after some fight, threw her on the bed and knocks her out.

Klavdia checks the girl’s face and eyes and shakes Susanna’s body to the sides, playing with her. She strokes her feet and starts licking them. Then she begins to lick both girls’ feet.
Alla suddenly wakes up and Klavdia has to knock the girl out again. Then Alla gets stripped down to her panties. She did the same with Susanna. Both girls turn out to be tired and topless.

Klavdia ties their legs and hands and strokes them. Then she begins to lick the girls’ feet again. She checks each of the girls’ eyes at the end and left them alone, leaving the room.

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