Agata locked in stocks, gets tickled with four hands and then vibrated

Agata is locked in stocks that secure her arms and legs. Klavdia will help me tickle her, she comes up to Agata and smears oil over her wonderful breasts. She then stands behind Agata and tickles her with her long and sharp fingernails.
I sit in front of Agata’s feet – I also grease them with oil and then tickle them with a brush. Then I use my hands and a massage brush to drive Agata crazy. Klavdia actively tickles Agata’s armpits and massages her big tits. Later, Klavdia and I change places and continue to tickle Agata.

In the second scene, Agata remains in stocks but in a different position. Now her legs are apart and raised up, she’s lying on her back with her soles up. Klavdia settles near the ticklee and smears more oil over her breasts and armpits. I tickle Agata’s feet and turn on a vibrator, placing it between her legs. Agata is laughing and moaning, feeling both tickling and pleasure.
Klavdia continues to torment Agata by holding the vibrator in place and in the end, we drive her crazy by tickling.

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