Alevtina – Bellybutton torment and upperbody tickling in various poses

By John. Made by request

The story:
Two riggers have captured poor Alevtina to torment and tickle her belly and navel.

In the first scene, the gangsters drag struggling Alevtina onto the bed and hold her, one by the legs, the other by the arms, stretching her belly. Her delicate navel begins to suffer from their effects, they poke, rub and tickle it, and the girl moans and squeals through her taped mouth.

In the second scene, Alevtina stands tied with her hands raised up, tied to the ceiling. Her mouth is still gagged with tape and her eyes are blindfolded. Now the riggers continue to tickle, poke and spank her tender belly and navel.

In the third scene, Alevtina is fixed and stretched on a bench and covered with a blanket. Riggers come in and first tickle and poke her tummy through the cover. Then, they remove the blanket and continue to tickle her completely vulnerable tummy and navel. Enjoy!

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