Alla disposes of two girls – Tickling, foot worship and foot torture

Alla has two girls at her disposal tonight. Susanna and Iraida. Their feet are suspended in the air and secured. Alla will erotically and slowly the girls. She begins with a light tickling of their feet. She moves from one girl to another, them with her fingernails.
Then Alla caresses their feet with her tongue, she licks each foot and bites a little.

After that, she takes a whip and slightly punishes two naughty girls, slapping their soles.
After that, she sits below and tickles them under the knees. Next, she again worships their feet – Alla loves to do it.
In the end, she tickles hard both girls’ feet with a comb, and then the sides. Alla ‘s doing it intensely, especially when she tickles the plump Iraida’s body.

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