Amina, please, I’m very ticklish ! – Mara gets tickle in pajamas

Today Mara will be tickled by Amina. The fragile and tender Amina sits on the bed, and Mara’s legs are already fixed. Now she is all in her power.
Amina uses her hands, a massage brush and a pedicure device.
Initially, Mara tries to tolerate, but as soon as Amina begins to try harder – Mara reacts sharply to her touches. Then Amina adds some cream to her victim’s soles and Mara starts to go crazy.

– “No Amina, please stop, this it is so ticklish!!!”
– “My bones on the sides are very sensitive!” Mara shouts, when Amina set behind her and began to torment her sides. Mara jerks back and forth and looks so helpless in this tickle .

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