Astrid tastes foot tickling

Astrid is tied on a bench with her bare feet forward. She has almost 30 minutes of foot tickling ahead.
She is tied comfortably, in a semi-lying position. Her big toes are also tied.
Astrid is in a good mood and is ready to tickle of her big ticklish feet.
First I just tickle her feet with my fingers.

Then I put a lot of shaving cream on her soles and toes and tickle them with a toothbrush and a pointy end of an electric toothbrush. Astrid laughs and wiggles, her feet are very ticklish and sensitive today!
Then I wipe her feet with a towel and lubricate them with an oil. What a brilliant feet!

I tickle her with my hands, with a pointy end of a feather, with two feathers at the same time, with toothbrushes.
Next, I pour the flour and her oily feet. They become completely white. I again torment her with pointy ends of feathers, and also with two toothbrushes.
Astrid is already tired of laughing, but her sensitivity didn’t diminish. Nevertheless, it’s time to give her a break and I wipe her feet.
It was fun and unusual tickling and Astrid enjoyed that.

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