Astrid tortures soles of topless Fairy Fox with fire

Feature: the camera in this clip doesn’t move.

This is a long clip in which Astrid  Fairy Fox’s feet with fire. At the beginning of the clip, Fairy Fox is fixed on a bench with leather straps. Her hands are fixed above her head. Big toes are tied. She is topless.

Astrid comes up to her and lubricates the feet of her poor victim with an oil brush. Next, she lights a candle and begins to move the flame over the tender and oily soles of Fairy Fox. The heat from the candle makes the babe moan and twitch. It amuses and excites Astrid. After playing a little with a candle, she puts a jar with lots of candles and oil inside to the feet of Fairy Fox and sets it on fire. The heat from the candles begins to make Fairy Fox suffer but she has nothing to do but to endure while Astrid plays with her feet.

During the clip, Astrid several times adds oil to the feet of her victim, with a sweet malicious smile on her face. She loves to see her victim cries…

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