Automatic hot wax soles torment for tightly bound and gagged Katrina

This clip was filmed with two cameras and edited with a split-screen method in order to simultaneously show as many delicious details as possible. One camera shows Katrina’s face and body and the second camera shows her soles.

Katrina is tied tightly with ropes and lies on a bench on her stomach. She has a ball gag in her mouth. Her big toes are tied to a thin rope that goes to the ceiling, making her soles looking up. This fixation of her feet prevents Katrina from jerking them too much and thus makes her soles available for torment with hot wax. Above Katrina’s feet are placed four large lighted candles (two for each foot).
The candles drip hot wax onto her soles and cause Katrina to suffer and twitch. Katrina struggles, squeals and moans while hot wax burns her delicate feet.

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