Bad girl in ticklish situation – Impudent capturing of agent Polina

Secret agent Polina got at home by a masked man. She’s already barefoot, has tied hands.
He makes her sit on the sofa. Takes off the gag and asks.
– “You want details and even give me time to put some shoes on you asshole!” Polina spits in the face of the criminal. Then she wants to scream for help. He puts a few strips of tape over her mouth.
– “Well, you do not need your shoes.” Polina makes big eyes, he starts to tickle her dirty soles, her upper body, later even opens up the button of her jeans for tickling.
– “How about now, no?” He, breast-ropers her, pushes the feisty Polina on the sofa, her dirty feet, hogties her, ties her wriggling toes together.
– “I’m better off the car since we spend some more time together.” He leaves her alone for some struggling.

Meanwhile, Polina was able to free herself from hogtie and toe-tie, hops around searching for or scissors as he comes back.
– “Oh no, we are far away from getting loose.” He her to sit on the chair. She kicks him, bad idea. He pulls her tied feet under the chair. He begins to tickle her sides and feet.
– “That’s better, now I can go and get my instruments for the further interrogation.” Polina mumbles something, short tickling then he leaves her alone.

He returns with some instruments like feather, brush, toothbrush and a fine brush, Polina gets a little nervous. He takes off the gag. Polina threatens him.
– “I see, it’s better when you lie down on the bed.” He ball-gags her, unties the toe-tie and her to hop to the bed pushes her on the bed pulls the feet of the fighting Polina down to the frame. He touches her, big toes together, adds another sting and ties to the bedframe. He starts to tickle her soles and between her toes. He began to tickle her ass using a feather and a toothbrush which scared Polina. Polina is furious but as well as her. He unties her toes and ties.

– “This should keep you until I come back.” He leaves, comes back to get his, then leaves her.

Polina has got free but unfortunately, that idiot came back for the . She opens the door nobody there, she goes down the hallway to get out and call for help. After a short fight, he is holding her hands behind her back and his other hand is over her mouth. He drags her back to the apartment.

Polina kneels on the floor with tied hands and legs and insults him. He puts out few stripes of tape over her insulting mouth, breast-ropes her, ties her feet, puts her on the bed, hogties her tight and also ties her wriggling dirty big toes tight together. Polina is furious and wriggles like hell spreads her toes. “Here is an extra bonus!” – he grabs another long string, Polina rolls her eyes. He ties all her toes tight together, adds a sting from her tied toes to her arms.
– “Agent Polina, I think you are out for tomorrow.” Takes all his stuff and leaves her alone for the final struggling.

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