Bad naughty Red Hair girl reads a book while her pretty feet get tickled

Meet a new model, charming, cute, and funny girl Nastya or “Bad Red Hair girl”.
Having met her, I realized that she was only started her travel to adulthood. Growing up in an orphanage and not knowing parental love and care, the girl was in spite of everything very sweet and interesting.
So the video consists entirely of tickling her feet while reading a story by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Putting her socked feet on a table she begins to read, and I tickle her feet. Then I take one sock off and continue. The girl behaves with restraint, although she is very ticklish. Here you will see many angles of her sexy soft feet.

The girl reads the book carefully, but at some moments she gets distracted by tickling and laughs.
Then she lies and I put her bare feet on my lap, lubricate them with cream and continue to tickle her. Here’s a POV where you will see a close-up of her feet, and then the girl’s face with her reaction.

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