Blonde Ivanka is hogtied on the turntable in pearl tights and white tape gag

By John

Meet a new model –ย Ivanka. She’s 24 years old, a very cute and sweet blonde girl who is interested in bondage and other fetishes. Her open-mindedness inspires us to film a few interesting clips during our first meeting and here’s the first one.

Ivanka was really surprised with our turntable so we offered her to try being hogtied on it. Her image is very bright here – pearl tights, a pink long sleeve, a white tape gag that is so sticky so we can see her lips contour through it, and white ropes. And all this on the dark background of our studio. Complete eclecticism ๐Ÿ™‚

Ivanka teases you with her eyes and enjoys her helpless but beautiful state. The turntable allows us to see her from each side.

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