Blonde Lolly tickling all body and feet by four female hands

Sexy Lolly wears white underwear, she’s fixed on a special tickling device. Her arms are fixed on top, and her legs are spread apart. Kristy and Susanna are going to have some fun and tickle her, they are located on opposite sides. Susanna is in the back and Kristy in the front. The blonde responds hotly to tickling, she moans and laughs. Kristy runs her fingernails over Lolly’s orange soles and it looks great.

Next, both ticklers are busy with blonde’s feet and she flutters in a ticklish ecstasy.
After that, both girls go to her sides and armpits, they explore all her ticklish spots with their nails to drive Lolly crazy. She bursts out laughing.
After that, Susanna puts a gag into ticklee’s mouth and girls keep on tickling… Enjoy!

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