Capturing of Leya – Limp secretary

By John. Made by request
Almost one-hour-long fetish clip with stunning Leya. We’ve already done clips with the same scenario but different models, check the links below.

Leya came back home after the gym and change clothes to the office secretary outfit. She slowly put transparent pantyhose, white blouse, and skirt. She’s already in full makeup and looks gorgeous.
Meanwhile, her trainer, who got to her apartment a bit earlier, surprises her from behind and put her to deep rest with a small cloth over her mouth.
During the clip, Leya wakes up a few times but the maniac knocks her out again and again. She even tries to get away on all four but she’s still dizzy and he catches her easily. He carries her in different ways (cradle carry and over-the-shoulder), plays with her relaxed body and feet on the couch. He shows her feet to the camera and checks her eyes often.

Then the masked man decides to leave her apartment and carries Leya to his dungeon. Then he continues to play with his new doll. She wakes up and doesn’t get what’s going on. He orders her to put her tights and shoes back, she obeys and dresses up slowly. Then he again knocks her out and puts her on a chair. He ties her legs and feet with other nylons and also gags her with a nylon gag, ties it over her head. After that, he puts her on a table, and plays with her, applies a cloth over her mouth often.
Then he takes her in cradle carry and puts on a bed, then takes her in cradle carry and leaves.
Leya is available for your custom requests. Feel free to drop us a mail!

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