Dalita – Hard foot torture for true masochistic girl

By John
Finally, we met a girl who has a really high pain tolerance. Severe pain brings her some pleasure.
Dalita in a slave uniform fixed on the bench with her feet forward. First, I beat her with a whip, then a paddle, then I her soles with a needle roller, then I hardly cane her feet with a bamboo stick. Then, I lubricate her feet with oil and light a torch and burn her oily soles.

All her reaction to such is a single tear and a few sounds. I don’t stop and begin to intensively tickle her feet with a hair comb. Then I take the cane again and hit her feet very hard. I think about what might happen earlier, she gives up and starts begging for mercy, or muscles on my right arm get tired. The muscles on my right arm are tired earlier…
I admire Dalita’s high pain threshold and endurance, she didn’t use a safe word and endured this very worthily. Enjoy!
Dalita and many other models are available for your custom requests, feel free to contact us!

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