Double ticklish Christmas gift with sweet boobs !

Two young girls in Christmas hats sit in the stocks and ballgagged!
I tickle them from behind and their tits are wiggle from side to side. The new girl Mila is from the left and she’s very nice. She looks so innocent and I want to tickle her more and more because she’s very ticklish. Her friend Lisa seemed to be less ticklish from the start but then I found her sensitive spots on the hips and ass.

Next, I remove the gags from their mouths and fix their hands to the stocks. I tickle their feet and sides.
Then the girls lie on the mattress with their hands in handcuffs. I tickle their hips which are very sensitive and then tickle Mila, while she goes crazy and gets sweaty from the tickling.
Next, I bite her feet. It was so nice. To be continued…

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