Elisara tickles her friend Guzel – Upper body and feet

This clip contains two scenes:

In the first scene, Guzel is tied in a vertical X position and Elisara tickles her tummy, ribs, and armpits. Guzel is very delicate in all these places and laughs a lot.

In the second scene, Guzel is fixed on a bench with her bare feet forward. She’s tied with leather straps and her big toes are also bound. Elisara notices that Guzel walks barefoot a lot and decides to sand her feet with sandpaper, after that ticklish procedure Elisara smears her soles with cream.

When Guzel’s feet become well-groomed, Elisara tickles them with an electronic toothbrush and brushes. Guzel laughs sweetly because her feet are very sensitive, and she also likes and even gets excited by tickling. Enjoy!

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