Esenya. Sexy girl is tied

Name: Esenya
Age: 23
Height: 173 cm
Shoe size: 37,5 (8 US)
Occupation: model

New face! I’ve got my friend Esenya tied with a tape. So I take off her socks and leave her. I take the camera and begin to see how she will behave in bondage.
Esenya is trying to get out, but she can’t cut the strong adhesive tape. You can see her beautiful feet many times because I put the emphasis on them in this clip.
Cute girl moans, first she sits and poses for the camera, looking at the camera with her beautiful eyes. Her mouth is taped with 3 pieces of duct tape. In an attempt to escape she falls to the floor and moos and struggles.

Meanwhile I film her face and feet close up. I’m sure this video will appeal to those who enjoy bondage and foot fetish.

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