Excellent Tickling for Tattooed Girl

This clip contains various tickle of Diana. This time she allowed me to tickle all her body. She has a perfect response to a variety of tickling.

At first she’s tied on the table with deflated jeans. It will be convenient to tickle her body and thighs. And it’s goint to be a very active tickling for her. And between tickling I’m gonna bite her sensitive places.
Then I turn on her feet (top view) and tickle intensive her sensitive feet.

Seems that she got high by the tickling and now she’s looking at her feet in the stocks with tied toes. She has become more sensitive and I tickle her feet again.

Diana hugs a teddy bear and suffers from unbearable feet tickling. She laughs and jerks a lot but I know that she likes it!
The last minutes of tickling are passing and she asks to give her a bottle of rum. Why not.

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