Fairy Fox – Gagged with her own socks

By John. Made by request.

Scene 1
Fairy Fox is wearing short shorts and a t-shirt with short white ankle socks sitting on a couch in her apartment and listening to music. A burglar grabs her and aggressively tries to keep her quiet. He ties her wrists and then takes her socks and pack her cheeks with them tightly and ties them in with a cleave gag. Then she is hogtied and left to struggle and call for help as her place is robbed. After a long struggling, she is able to work the gag lose while tied and spit out the socks and call out, but she is caught and handgagged.

Scene 2
Fairy Fox is tied on a chair and the intruder comes over and tells her he’s going to make her even quieter, putting the socks in her mouth and then wrapping tape around her head. She struggles like this and chokes on her gag and at the end escape and removes the gag.

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