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Fairy Fox got tickled in two positions – Crazy cartoon idea becomes real

By John. Made by request
Guys! I’m glad that finally this clip is published in our store! It’s a quite unique thing. A customer sent us two hand-drawn pictures and said that he would like to see their video versions with cutie Fairy Fox.
This is a complicated and interesting request, we even had to make a special device for this clip.
In the first scene, Fairy Fox is fixed on the special device. She is wrapped in a film, lying on her stomach. Her head is fixed by the hair, in front of her eyes, there’s a laptop screen with a live broadcast on her own soles. Her feet are fixed in a special way at the ankles. Each toe is individually tied with a rope. Above her feet, there’s another camera which transmits the image of her soles to the laptop screen. Need more cameras? Here we go!

The laptop’s front camera captures Fox’s face and transmits the image to an iPhone which is located next to ticklers. My partner and I tickle each foot with different devices. Also, there’re elastic bands on here soles so we her soles by snapping rubber bands. We tickle Fairy Fox furiously and she suffers and squirms. In the end, we write “FOOT SLAVE” down on her soles with a marker.
This scene is shot on two cameras. One camera takes the composition as in the reference picture, the second takes the plan on her feet and body from above.

In the second scene, Fairy Fox is hung by the hands with ropes. This type of hanging is very difficult, and not every model is able to withstand such a suspension. Fairy Fox is topless and she’s hanging without touching the floor. We stand on the pedestals on the left and right and tickle her sides, ribs, and armpits. Poor Fairy Fox is tormented. Ropes bring pain to her wrists, and we bring her ticklish sensations on the sides. Fox wriggles and groans, she suffers and waits when we finally get enough of her.

This scene is also shot on two cameras. One camera takes the composition as in the reference image, the second is located directly below the ticklee and films her bare feet from the bottom up.

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