Getting home early was a bad idea – Fetish movie

This clip contains lots of bondage in action, tape gagging (with a sock as well), foot tickle with cute young Dunya. By request.

Dunya comes home too early and gets overtaken by a masked man, who is robbing her house. Dunya has already tied hands, as he steps in the room with a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and out of reach to call for help.

Dunya kneels on the floor with already tied hands and legs when he puts a few stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes her, the feisty Dunya down on the floor, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling big toes together with a very thin long string. He tickles her feet for a while and then leaves her alone, searching the house.

Dunya was able to free herself from hogtie and toe-tie, hops around looking for something to get loose, when he returns.
– “So you are a feisty one, you like to play? That’s fine, since I have some time, I think I saw something before in the other room which I can use for some fun.” Dunya rolls her eyes. He her on a chair and pulls up her feet with a rope towards the ceiling, ties her big toes together and leaves her alone for a short time and returns with a feather, Dunya makes very big eyes. He tickles her soles with feather and fingers but she still moves a little too much so he ties also her soles and since she is still moving to much, he add another string from her tied toes to the rope which goes up to the ceiling. Then he tickles her more and leaves alone.

Dunya was able to free herself again. She leaves the room to call the police since she thinks that he has already left the house. Unfortunately he hasn’t and brings the very feisty Dunya back to the room.

Dunya is on the floor with already tied hands and legs and can’t keep her mouth shut, so he grabs a dirty sock and puts it in her protesting mouth and 2-3 stripes of tape over her mouth.
– “This should keep you quiet!” Then he ties her wriggling feet and breast-ropes her again. Dunya isn’t very pleased. He her down on the ottoman, puts her in a tight hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes tight together with a thin string. As he wants to leave Dunya grumbles, wriggles and spreads her toes.
– “Well I think you are way to active!” Dunya is furious so just for some more fun he adds a sting from her tied toes to her arms. Then she lubricate her feet with an oil and tickles her with fingers and a hair comb. Dunya goes crazy.
– “Well you should have waited until I was gone!”
Then he leaves her for the final struggling.

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