Glasha tickles tied Dusya on the chair

In this clip a new girl Dusya sits on a chair and her wrists tied with duct tape to the armrests. Her legs tied with a rope on the back of the other chair. She is barefoot.

Tickler Glasha sits on the chair where are the ticklee’s feet. So Dusya’s soles are very close to tickler’s face. Glasha tickles the soles with her fingernails and a hair brush. The tickling goes about 10 mins.

Dusya tickled for the first time, especially since she is tied and can not move. Her feet are quite big and pretty, and her laugh is very nice and cute.

Glasha loves to tickle her feet. It can be seen that she likes to be a tickler, she’s smiling and a fire is in her eyes, she enjoys to tickle her girlfriend !

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