Grabbing Zhenya at home and wild topless tickling to hysteria

By Dero

Zhenya was relaxing at home on a sofa. She had no idea that a tickler maniac was hiding on the balcony. As soon as the balcony door creaked she was attacked from behind. She moaned, fought back and didn’t want to obey, but the intruder took off her T-shirt, revealing her big beautiful boobs and began to tie the girl with ropes.

When Zhenya was completely tied up, his partner appeared and began to tickle her. He tickled her ticklish spots as if knowing that the girl was ticklish as hell. He tickled her waist, armpits, feet. The tickler positioned her soles up and enjoyed the torment. Zhenya laughed to madness.

Then the guy placed her sitting on the couch and began to tickle in this position. Zhenya went crazy. She no longer understood in what positions they was tickled. In the end, when the was already over, he tickled her thighs and sexy ass. Then they left her alone.

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