I licked her, I bit her, I tickled her – Ticklish Delight (included 2 parts)

Ticklish Diana returns in the new clip that contains tickling via biting and licking.
1 part. Here Diana is topless and handcuffed to the bed. A red ball gag is in her mouth. I tickle her and enjoy her torment. I bite her hips and belly, lick the navel and tickle her armpits. I press on her ribs and hear roars of laughter. She is excited by it, but at the same time she’s very ticklish. It looks very hot, but in the end her plaintive eyes make it clear that she is tired, and she needs some rest. (8 mins)

Part 2. Now Alina is tickler. She is a big fan of tickling by the way. (You can see her in the previous clips).
Diana is chained to the bed lying on a wooden frame, and Alina torments her with the finger nails, and bites her. Sometimes I join the action and the also torment Diana. (10 mins)
Long and intense tickling awaits for you!

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