Intensive four-handed tickle torture for Katrina

The clip is shot with two cameras, one is directed to the front, the second shows the side view.
In this clip, Katrina gets a serious tickling dose. She securely fixed it in stocks, all toes are tied. At the beginning of the clip, she is ballgagged and blindfolded. After 5 minutes, we will remove the gag and bandage and continue.

We are her feet by tickling. Poor Katrina squeals and twitches as she can. She has nothing else to do but to endure this . Her laughter and reaction give us even more energy. We periodically lubricate her feet with oil and tickle her with all the devices that we have on hand. Then we share the effort – one of us continues to tickle her soles, the other tickles her upper body.

Katrina and starts to squirm like a snake. Poor girl, how much she had to experience for this long tickle … Enjoy!

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