Iraida belly torture with tickling and candle + licking and tickling by Susanna

Iraida got drank yesterday. Today she feels bad and she wakes up with difficulty and drops a whiskey bottle.
Now I’m going to her stomach, sides and shake them. Her stomach became quite stout, so it’s possible now to make interesting manipulations with it. I fasten her hands with handcuffs. Then I apply some devices on her stomach – a key, a plug, a pen, a comb, and a chopstick.
Then Iraida will be in Susanna’s hands – she starts tickling Iraida’s stomach and squeeze it, spals it, and then pours a cocktail into the navel and drink it with her tongue.
Then I write on her belly with a pen.

Then I put a candle in her navel and set it on fire – at the same time I tickle her lightly. After that I pour hot wax into her navel and take off the mold contents with a fork.
Then Susanna returns – she smears a shaving cream on Iraida’s stomach and rubs and tickles it. Uses a fork. In the end, she tickles her upper body.

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