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Katrina got into a trouble – Chair tie and tight tape gag with a sponge

By John. Made by request

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Customer’s testimonial:
“The clip is perfect! 10/10. Love your work, you got every detail right.
Thanks for getting that through so quickly.”

We wanted to make the clip with a cinematic picture. DID atmosphere…
Katrina is a secretary, who was captured and brought to a dark place, and tied to a chair with lots of white ropes.

She wears a white buttoned-up blouse, her skirt was removed so she’s in her grey pantyhose and black panties under them. There’re strap heels on her feet.

She’s scared and cannot move, her elbows are tightly tied behind her back and she is also connected to the chair. Masked man appears and makes Katrina open her mouth. He fills her cheeks with a big sponge and then tightly wraps a grey PVC tape over her mouth and head. The sponge now is deeply in her mouth and she can only moo through her wide open gagged mouth.

Then he leaves her alone and Katrina struggles until the end of the clip. Her big eyes show all the emotional ratio we expect from such a bound and gagged damsel. Enjoy!

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