Kira – Relax and get pleasure from tickling

Hello guys, meet our new model – Kira.
Height – 173
Weight – 45 kg
Shoe size (US 7) 37

This girl with an interesting appearance, she has some eastern roots. Kira will be tied on the bed in two poses.
This is the first tickling session in the life, nobody tickle her for so long. Well, Kira, enjoy your flight.

First position:
 Kyra lies on the bed on her belly. Her legs are tied at the ankles, her arms are tied at the wrists and fixed over her head. I come and start to explore her reaction to tickling, and to my luck, she’s sensitive. Her reaction turns me on. I tickle her feet and sometimes switch on her upper body.

Second position: Kyra lies on the back in the “Y” position. At this time I tied her ankles to the bed’s beam. Hands are divorced around. At this position I tickle her armpits, belly and ribs and occasionally switch on her feet.
She has a great reaction, sometimes even explosive.

This clip contains a lot of different angles, we have tried to capture Kira from all sides, to the best possible way to convey to you the hot atmosphere that prevailed around.

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