Kristina – Sensual upperbody tickling on the bench

By John

Kristina is a passionate girl with a twinkle in her eyes.
I fixed her on a bench in the Y pose, she lies on her stomach. I unzip her blouse and lower her skirt. First, I tickle her tummy and armpits with my hands, I like her reaction. After that, I pick up feathers and begin to examine her body with them. I pay special attention to the crotch area and hips, where she reacts very clearly to my touches. And the reaction is different than on her other spots. When I run the feather over her armpit, she giggles, but as soon as I move it over her hips and panties, she begins to breathe languidly.

She is becoming more and more sensitive. Then I continue to tickle her upper body with my hands and feathers, and after that, I take an electric toothbrush and begin to examine her reaction from this device. When I bring a toothbrush to her hips and panties, she starts to moan and does it very sweetly. I can’t resist and put the brush in her panties and continue to tickle her body. At this moment, Kristina experiences a very wide range of her feelings, she looks and sounds very sexy. The brush vibrates and stimulates her while I run my fingers over her sensitive body.

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