Last hot summer’s day with Fat Anna and Susanna – Melted Ice cream, belly torture and revenge

Hot sun and empty beach. The last days of summer are over and Anna goes for a walk along the beach. She spreads the towel on the sand and undresses. She hardly takes off her jeans – she is too plump and clumsy.
Finally, she’s sunbathing. Susanna approaches her. She starts to torment Anna’s belly, small and brisk, she strokes it and slaps. Beats and tickles fat Anna’s sides and armpits. Anna as usual laughs and can’t do anything.

Then Susanna takes the melted ice cream and smears it on Anna’s belly. She licks it and eats bits of chocolate from Anna’s navel. Then Susanna rubs it into Anna’s stomach and tickles.
After that, she wipes the ice cream and uses the chopsticks on Anna’s belly, and then the fork. After that, Susanna takes an ice cube and runs it over Anna’s belly and puts it in her navel, and again tickles her belly. Anna is going crazy.

Then she again smears some ice cream and eats it. After she takes a q-tip and tickles Anna’s stomach, and then uses a cream and pinches her ticklish sides.
In the end, Anna wants to take a revenge and she takes Susanna’s feet in an arm lock and starts slowly tickling with her powerful hands. Susanna is ticklish and laughs.
Then Anna leaves and again lies down on the sand, and puts her feet on a log. Susanna doesn’t despair and tickles Anna again, now her feet. With cream and fork. And then she comes up behind and torments Anna’s belly with tickling. Anna gets angrier and begins to tickle Susanna everywhere and slaps her ass. Now the tired girls stop their games and leave.

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