Lesbian games – Alla worships Holly’s big feet + Quiet tickling and revenge

By Dero

Holly comes into a bedroom and undresses – she goes to bed and falls resting and only her bare feet are visible from under a blanket. Alla enters the room and sees Holly’s beautiful feet, she strokes and tickles them gently, and then sniffs and kisses them. Alla caresses the toes with her tongue and sucks them with slobby sounds. She then puts Holly’s legs on her shoulders and continues to lick them sensually. After that, Alla places Holly’s feet on her lap and tickles them slightly with her nails, and Holly smiles and giggles with her eyes closed.

Then Holly is bedridden with handcuffs, she is under Alla’s control. Alla torments Holly’s stomach and armpits with tickling and then tastes her body. Holly suffers and doesn’t react much to tickling, she giggles with pleasure. When Alla goes to the girl’s feet and tickles them with a hair comb, Holly laughs louder.
Further, Holly manages to get out of handcuffs and playfully fights with Alla. Now Holly is on top and she tickles Alla with her strong hands. Her breasts sway from side to side and she likes to dominate her girlfriend.
Then Holly sits down near Alla’s feet and tickles her feet with the hair comb.

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