Liquidation of agent Leya 2 – Daily routine of captured birdie

This clip is a continuation of the first part: Liquidation of agent Leya. Interrupted attempt of her penetration on a secret Fetish studio
Leya is in captivity of gangsters, and they know that as soon as they let her go, she will immediately go to cops. Therefore, in order to protect themselves, they want to shoot the compromising video, which would her to hold her tongue.

So. In this clip, Leya is lying in spread-eagle on the bed and they her thighs by tickling. First, they simply tickle them with hands, after they lick them after they put whipped cream on her hips and lick them. They also tickle a little and lick her feet.

Leya laughs, twitches, curses and makes all kinds of cute squeals. Excellent result, it is enough to silence this girl’s mouth. Enjoy!

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