Long foot tickling for fully PVC mummified Home girl

40 minutes of foot tickling! This long clip is all about foot tickling of tightly PVC wrapped Home girl.

Part 1. The cutie lies on a bench on her belly with a big ballgag in her mouth. Her toes are tied and I tickle her soles with various devices like a hairbrush, toothbrushes, a feather, and my hands. Home girl squeals and I enjoy her reaction.

Part 2. She lies on her back (the bench is incline now). I continue tickling her feet but also I use Magic Wand as a tickling device and Home girl reacts very unusual on that. She starts moaning as if her feet are her erogenous zone! I love that.
Then I attach two toothbrushes to the vibrator and tickle her feet and toes with this brand-new device. That was also fun.

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