Long Ticklish training with Taisia – upper body, feet and stocks

Taisia just came to the gym She is dressed in a sports top with a hood, leggings and sports wristbands.
She starts warm up, takes off her shoes and pulls herself up on her toes, push-ups and stretches her legs.

Next, these ticklish exercises follow:
1. Sitting on the floor with a stretching hand.
Now she is getting into the stretch position – and one of her armpits is open. I get up from behind and tickle her sides and armpits, and also her feet.
Now you see a close-up of her feet and I tickle them in such an uncomfortable position.

2. Lying on the bench with her hands up.
Now Taisia is lying on a weight bench and her hands are fixed behind her head, I will continue to torment her sides and armpits for a long time. This is shown from 4 angles.

3. Sitting on a bench with outstretched feet.
Here Taisia’s feet are fixed on the bench and I will tickle them for a short time.

4. On the incline bench with her feet up.
Here, Taisia lies with her feet stretched out and her toes tied. I will use oil and tools to sufficiently torment her for a very long time.

5. Standing with her hands fixed.
Now Taisia is standing with her hands tied and I’m her big navel and a beautiful belly, as well as her deep armpits.

6. Wide stretching in stocks.
Taisia’s feet are locked in stocks at a big distance from each other – I will each of her feet with some oil and cream. And also I use the tip of the feather and a comb.

Taisia did all the heavy exercises and is very tired. It’s time to rest…

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