Madoka properly licks sweaty feet of Kate Anima and Xena

In this clip, two young barefoot beauties sit with their legs outstretched. You probably know one of them well – Kate Anima.

But let’s get acquainted with the second girl – her name is Xena, she is 20 and she has lovely feet size 8. Xena is ticklish and has always wanted to try foot-worship. Just in time!

Madoka (yes, Madoka decided to freshen up her hair and shaved her head a couple of weeks ago) sits on her knees by their feet and licks them.

The girls’ feet smell fragrant after a long walk, which makes Madoka very happy because she loves the smell of sweaty feet. Asian babe passionately worships the girls’ feet, they look at it with pleasure and enjoy how wonderful it is.

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