Maras Hyper Sensitive Session !

Name: Mara
Aged: 19 y.o.
Height: 169 cm
Feature: hyper ticklish girl

Now it’s time to tickle Mara. She is a super ticklish ticklee from the last time. I’m amazed by her “vibrating” response to the tickling. She has very erogenous feet and stomach.
While Mara tied with her girlfriend by their hands, back to back, I arranged for Mary one delicate test. I’m starting with tickling her charming soles and tickle them with my fingers and nails, in any case, Mary has sensitive ecstasy. She sweats quickly and squirms from the tickling. It’s just a hyper reaction of a young girl on the tickling!
Then I move on to her tummy. There she goes crazy too, even from the touch of a feather. You will see unique tickling with a charming Mara!
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