Masha returns on ticklish test in stocks

By Dero
Cute Masha returns in a ticklish test of her feet. She wears a nice black dress and looks innocent as usual. Her hands are raised up and fixed with comfortable bracelets. Masha’s socked feet are locked in stocks. At first, I tickle her sides but it’s not very effective because of her dress. Then I move to her soles and tickle them through the socks. They are quite ticklish but I’m going to make them more ticklish.

I take off her socks and tickle her with a feather. Then with my hands. Her ticklishness increases. Then I take cream and electric toothbrush and tickle her soles. Masha laughs cutely.
Then I take a rubber brush and Masha goes crazy. She has her big toes tied now and she suffers from tickling. Then I release her toes and continue tickling her with my hands and feather. Enjoy!

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