Nasty girl – You will be submissive bitch, Natasha

Natasha finally took off the mask!
It is a long clip in which I torment this sweet girl. In this clip there are several practices: bondage, bastinado, tickling and foot fetish.
The video begins with how I pulled Natasha into the room. This girl is very naughty. Now she’s handcuffed and gagged. I leave her alone for a while. Then I come back, remove the gag from her mouth and wrapped her mouth again but with an elastic bandage and then tape over the bandage. She moans very cute when I roll up her mouth.

Then I bind her legs at the ankles and above, then I remove the cuffs and tie her hands with tape. Then I strapped her arms to the body with tape. I love to do it! Then I leave her for some struggling and what do you think? That bitch managed to pull down the gag and she immediately started to try to scream. I walk up to her and tape her mouth again. After I bring a rack and put her feet on it. I want to spank her pretty feet. First I take a whip, then a bamboo cane. Natasha growls and moans through her gag when I hit her tender feet.

Then I take the scissors and cut the tape, and then tell her to put a bench to the right place. Natasha makes it and sits on it. I begin to tie her legs at the ankles and knees. Now her legs are tight to the bench. Then I give her the handcuffs and command her to cuff herself behind the back and she obediently does it. After that, I put a gag into her mouth. Then tie the big toes together and start tickling her feet with a comb. I tickle her with a very strong pressing and Natasha suffers and it hurts her. Then I begin to tickle her with light touches. Here is Natasha becomes very ticklish. But through the gag I can hear only her mooing. Then I tickle her upper body a little with my hands and a blue massage brush. I drive it gently ober her tits and Natasha twitches from the tickling.

Then I take a whipping device which consists of three rods. Bastinado punishment begins. I beat her soles, and she jerks and grunts through the gag. After that I removed the gag and order her to count the blows out loud and she patiently suffers and counts 30 strong hits.
Then I notice that she starts to tire and becomes much more submissive than before the punishment. I untie her legs from the bench. Her hands are still in handcuffs. I come closer to her and squeeze her a little. She became excited at this moment. Next I removed the handcuffs and tie her hands behind the back with a rope, and then put her on the bench down on the belly and hogtied her. Leave her alone for some time. Then I approach her and begin tickling her feet, and then put my hand between her buttocks and tickled her there. Natasha is very ticklish between her buttocks. After tickling her I leave her alone, but she starts to escape from bondage without my permission. I walk up to her and tie her again. I decide to punish her with bastinado. I order her to count the blows out loud. Again, the 30 strong strokes and Natasha dutifully agrees. Then I leave her alone for some time and then untie her and make her promise me that henceforth she will be submissive and affectionate bitch. I wrap the rope around her neck and bring her out. Natasha crawls over me on all fours like a …

The approximate ratio of the fetish practices in the clip:
OTHER – 10%

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