New sport ticklish girl on test with 2 cameras

By Dero
The new girl comes for our tickle test. She’s on the table and has her legs and hands tied with ropes.
Susanna starts the first test – she tickles the girl over her stomach and armpits and checks her reaction – the girl is very sensitive and ticklish. Her laugh is bright and sexy. Next, Dero holds the hands of the ticklee and Susanna tickles harder.

Then Susanna moves to her feet, which become sweaty and sensitive real quick.
Then the girl is attacked by two tickles, they tickle her feet and sides at the same time. Using an electric brush they tickle her armpits under the shirt.
This is followed by a view from two cameras with a tickling of her hips and feet – tickling on the sides and throughout the body when the girl is already exhausted from tickling and asks to stop.

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