Poor Agata stripped and tickled with oil again + Lick tickle of her body and boobs

By Dero

The clip contains two parts:
1. Agata is tickled again by two hands on a black background. She is tied up by her hands and tickling hands (in gloves with bones) touch her body and squeeze her breasts, caressing her nipples and tickling her sides. All this time, Agata’s boyfriend was present in the studio and watched what was happening with interest.
Then hands remove Agata’s pantyhose and panties and stroke and tickle her crotch. Agata rolls her eyes in pleasure. They add a little oil to Agata’s breasts and the hands again touch her tits and smear the oil all over her body. Then they go back to Agata’s crotch and tickle and stroke her.

2. Agata is tickled while lying down with nibbling and licking her armpits and breasts. First, I tickle Agata with feathers all over her body. Then I near her belly and tickle her navel with my lips and bites. At the same time, I tickle her sweaty armpits. Agata begs to stop because she is very ticklish. But it’s too early! I squeeze her nipples and cover her mouth as she laughs.
Now the camera shoots from above and I again bite Agata’s sides, tickling her. I bite her breasts and nipples and then grab a vibrator and tickle Agata’s body with it. In the end, I bite, tickle, and squeeze her belly and boobs again. I tickle her armpits intensely so that her tits shake.

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