Red-haired girl wet armpits and foot tickling + 4 hands tickle

The redheaded sweet girl returns in the new video where you will see a lot of different tickling.
1. Tickling in stocks with chained hands. Here Alina is located behind the girl and will tickle her sides and armpits. She is terribly ticklish there. And I’ll tickle her beautiful feet.
2. Tickling on the bed – here Alina will also attack the girl, tickling her sides. Next, I’ll tickle her feet a bit, and then girls will fight a little bit and try to tickle each other.
3. Tickling armpits while standing – here Alina will still torment the girl with her nails, and then we tickle her in four hands. I’ll her plump tummy. Then Alina will finish with tickling her sweaty armpits close-up.
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