Revenge of girlfriend – Hot lick tickle and deep sucking toes

Now it’s Lisa’s time for revenge, so she starts licking her girlfriend with her ticklish tongue. She tickles her with hands and constantly bites and sucks her body – tits, sides, tummy, and belly button.
Lisa is full of passion and doesn’t shy at all, she bites and licks her girlfriend’s body and tries to tickle her weakness places. The victim Jenya is tied up and has a ball gag in her mouth.

Next Lisa sits near her victim’s feet and starts to bite her toes and tickles them with tongue. She tries to keep Jenya’s jerking feet and after she takes it stronger, she starts to suck all the toes and lick her soles. That’s hot! Jenya is laughing and enjoying it at the same time.
Closer to the end girlfriends lick each other’s feet during two minutes.

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