Sally is again suffering by tickling

So today Sally will have a good laugh and suffer in convulsions because me and Sabina will tickle her as hell.
I really like this clip, Sally is just super ticklee!
Well, Sally is crucified on a bed with ropes, she is a little nervous, because she knows what is awaiting for her … It’s an intense tickling.

I walk over and sit next to her bare feet, and Sabina comes to her armpits. We begin! In process we change places with Sabina.
For tickling feet we use an electric toothbrush. The armpits and upper body – with feathers first, and then move on to a more serious device – our hands. Sally probably wants to run away, but she is tied reliably.
We torment Sally with the tickling and we are very passionate about it. In some moments we give her a short break to take a breath.

Sabina said she knew Sally’s weakest place – it’s the waist. I’m starting to tickle her just there, and Sally almost in agony and goes crazy. Meanwhile, Sabina tickles her tender feet…
Then, after 12 minutes of intense tickling, me and Sabina leave Sally to lie bound on the bed. She needs to have some rest.

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