Samara – Upper body tickling and belly-button fetish

In this video, for the first time, we shoot a new model Samara – she is 35 years old, she has a wonderful slim and sporty body and she is interested in expanding the boundaries of her knowledge in terms of fetishes.

To be honest, the last time I saw such an ABS as she has, was in an anatomy textbook at school. Samara has a very beautiful flat tummy and navel, and we decided to devote a whole clip to this.
Samara lies on a bench wearing a bikini, her arms and legs are fixed with our branded leather cuffs. I only tickle her upper body and her thighs a little bit.

The girl is a little shy, but then relaxes and enjoys the tickling process. Her armpits quickly get wet. I also add oil and her body starts to shine.
The camera shoots in such a way as to make a gift for those who are not indifferent to bellies and navels. Enjoy!

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