Shades of our love: Hard tickling in four hands

Name – Dasha
Nation – Russian
Age – 21
Height – 165 cm

Response to beind bound and tickled – After tickling her stomach stopped hurting
Great 30 minute clip dedicated hard Dasha’s tickling.
Today Dasha wears sexy pants and bra and a beautiful bandage on her face.
She made red pedicure and prepare for a long tickle marathon. We stretched her on the sofa, bound hand and foot and began to tickle.

First we tickled by hands, then with a feather, and then the heavy artillery: a special blue comb – real tikling weapon!
Dasha almost piss from the laughter, very much twitching and screaming when we tickled her tightly and slowly carried on her feet…
30 min tough tickling. For true connoisseurs of the genre!
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