Sniffing and licking each other’s navels – Ameliya and Dark Ariel on their way to ecstasy

By Dero

Dark Ariel and Ameliya are friends who have a little secret. They are good-looking girls and have lovely tummies and beautiful navels. And their secret is a hidden desire to smell and lick each other’s navels.
Ariel unbuttoned Ameliya’s shirt and began to touch and stroke her belly, running her finger in her belly button. Ameliya also didn’t wait and took care of her friend’s belly. They both touched each other’s tummies.
Ariel sniffs and kisses her friend’s belly, licking it. Later, the girls changed places and Ameliya began to do the same.

Then Amelia lay down on the sofa, and Ariel began to greedily sniff her friend’s sexy belly again and lick it with her long, pointed tongue. The girls moaned sweetly. Then they changed places and Ameliya began kissing her friend’s belly. Ariel’s stomach was covered with goosebumps and she smiled and arched her back with pleasure.

In the end, Ariel again wanted to enjoy the tanned belly of her friend, so Ameliya leaned back and arched, and Ariel licked up the beautiful small and flat belly of her friend. Then when the lights went out she laid her head on her belly and smiled.

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