Super tight back arched hogtie for Miss Fatty

By John

All conversations in this clip are in English

I bring Miss Fatty to the center of the dungeon and start tying her with jute ropes. She’s already gagged with our custom harness panel gag with a large ball inside. Her wrists are already tied behind her back. I tie her elbows tightly together.

Miss Fatty is a dancer and has a very flexible body, so now I’m going to arch her back properly.
I place her on a stand, remove her heels, tie her ankles together, and arch her into a very tight hogtie. Then I order her to spread her toes and tie her big toes together. I also attach the harness gag to her tied toes so that her head is always tilted back.

Notice how she points her toes well despite such tight bondage.
Then I add a rope from the ceiling and stretch it so that the tied girl gets even more arched back. Her knees and thighs are heavily lifted off the surface, as are her huge boobs, which are very bouncy in such a harness.

The girl is drooling through the gag, she is completely immobilized.
I ask if she wants me to take the lift even higher. She playfully mumbles something through the gag. It can be seen that she really likes being tied like that.

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