Susanna’s foot tickling – When the soles are an erogenous zone

Susanna is in big stocks. She wears sexy black lingerie. She’s afraid a little bit and has no idea about what she’s going to feel.
Her soles are locked and big toes are tied. Her heels are very smooth and I can’t wait to tickle them!
I start with a light tickling and then bite her feet. Susanna goes crazy, moans and laughs. She is very excited when I lick her toes.
Next, I lubricate her feet with an oil and use a pink rubber brush. Susanna tells that she becomes wet from the pleasure. I don’t stop tickling her.

Next, I take a blue massage brush and Susanna wiggles and gasps from pleasure and ready to cum. Next, I again lick her toes.
After that you will see another pose – Susanna lies on her back with tied hands and I will lick her feet. She shrinks from the tickling and pleasure. All emotions are on her face.

Next, I tickle her sides and feet again.
Susanna said that she got an orgasm from toe tickling. She’s exhausted so it’s time to take a break.

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