Tanned Pink-Hair Girl – Take off socks and get tickled!

Today our young heroine is tanned girl with pink bangs, she is ready to get tough tickling. Her laughter is unique and I want to hear it again. So I can not stop tickling her.
The girl sits bound on a chair, in white socks and I tickle her feet through the socks. She curiously responds to tickling and laughing sharply. I put a finger through a hole in the sock and tickle her, and she begs to stop. She had no idea that it will be so ticklish.
Then I remove her socks and tickle her bare feet, and she laughs, and again asks me to stop. Some time I tickle her feet with the hairbrush.
After that, I come back to her feet again, and then I come from behind and tickle the sides and she laughs and fidgets a lot. I tickle her harder and harder but then I have to take a break, as she becomes ill. The pressure rises and her body feels the small spasms from the tickling.
To be continued…
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